Prototype Ram Long-Hauler Seen in Testing


Chrysler’s Ram brand has been soaring in popularity lately being seen as a leader in its class and even overtaking Ford and General Motors in terms of its towing capacity and its fuel economy. It can now tow up to 30,000 pounds and does 25 miles per gallon on the highway. Its new Long-Hauler looks to be entering the market to aim for top position from what can be seen from the latest spy photographs.
The pickup truck has been in development for two years now and was filmed in Auburn Hills while testing. It had stickers all over it which may mean that they are getting lose to a production model especially as it was back in September when there were stories that the case was being built. It does not look that different though, from the original unveiling apart from having a full tailgate and some accessories that will fit in with the new HD models. These include mud flaps, bed step and exhaust finisher.
It has the same wheelbase as the Ran 5500 chassis which tend to be reserved for box trucks with its 197.4 inch size. The large size will allow it to have a mega cab and a 60 gallon reserve fuel tank as well as eight foot of cargo storage. There is also a 50 gallon fuel tank and a factory fuel tank and so it can carry 162 gallons of fuel in total, which is a huge amount and would certainly last a long time.


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