Prototype of the Volvo XC90 Spied


This is the first time that the Volvo XC90 prototype has been seen. The car is a luxury SUV and still very competent with a design that has not gone out of date and it is still a big safety pick for those drivers that want to keep their family safe. However, it is now twelve years since it first went on sale and so time for a new generation car.
The very first spy shots have been taken of it when it was out in the cold, although the precise location is unknown. It has a lot of camouflage which makes it look like it really is a new production body, rather than an old vehicle skin over a mule.
All the disguise makes it hard to make out what the car actually looks like though, I guess it is therefore doing its job really well! However, it does look like it has taken some styling cues from the Concept XC Coupe that was seen at Detroit and some teaser images that were released too. It looks like the shape is similar to the current car apart from the fact that the beltline climbs aggressively by the C pillar in a similar way to the XC Coupe concept. On the back there are more conventional lights. It has been speculated that there will be a rectangulat grille like that on the concept and T-shaped LED elemnts in the front lights like those on the teaser images.
It has been claimed that the engine will have four cylinders rather than the current six with turbo chargers. There will be diesel and petrol options, although there may not be diesel in the US. It is expected that there will be a eight speed automatic as standard and there may be a plug-in hybrid arriving a bit later on.
It is expected that it might be ready early next year or perhaps even late this tear. It is expected that there may be concept shown at Paris or Los Angeles and maybe a debut in Detroit 2015 but it is still very early days, to know for sure. Until it has been sighted a few more times and more information has been released, information about dates is purely guess work.


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