Prototype for Infiniti Q30 Looks to be Luxurious


Infiniti Q30 The Concept of the Infiniti Q30 certainly made it clear that the band is looking to appear in the premium segment of the market. It looks like the new hatchback is developing quickly too. Spy photos have been taken of the car and the camouflaged car looks similar to the Mercedes-Benz GLA Class according to some and this would not be surprising as they share a platform. The look of the car looks more like a scaled-down lower QX50 which is the model that used to be called the EX. It has a squat greenhouse, double arch grille and long hood, which are all design elements associated with the Infiniti brand. Under the bonnet it is expected that there will be the 2.0 litre engine that has been used for the entry level Mercedes-Benz in the GLA, CLA and C-class. It has four pots and is turbo charged. There will also be a soft roader variant to the Q30 called the QX30. It is expected that the car will start being produced in the UK at the end of next year and in early 2016 it will start to be produced in the USA at Decherd, TN.


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