Projections From BMW Show that i8 is Sold Out


The i8 and i3 are a big gamble for BMW as they rely on the electric motor being a thing of the future. They have announced that he costs of engineering the cars has been written off and therefore will be making money as soon as they start to sell the cars. The company are also very confident about the number of sales as well. Ian Robertson, who is a sales and marketing board member, has announced that there are 10,000 i3’s on order and that the i8 has sold out for 2014.
This sounds fantastic but clarification has shown that this is not quite the case. The 10,000 orders are correct but the ‘sold out’ statement is based f predictions of sales by the sales team rather than actual ones. HIS has put forward some predictions for the year. They expect global i3 sales to be 21,416 next year to increase to 22,480 the following year. They are expecting the i8 to sell 1932 next year and 5085 the following one.
US Dealers have also confirmed that the i8 is almost sold out. The i3 and sports car will be available in the spring and some dealers have waiting lists and have started to take deposits towards the i8 which costs $135,925. The i3 will be easier to get hold of though because more are being made. This is probably because of the more affordable price of from $41,350 up to $45,200.
This is not the case everywhere though. In Germany the dealers are unsure of the launch date and say they have not been able to order any i8’s. They have also reported that demand is low and so do not understand how it could be sold out. However, the i3 will be ready quickly and dealers already have demo cars on hand and some customers have had their cars delivered already. Many dealers in Germany say that an i3 ordered now would be available in April and by July a range extender could be ready.


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