Progress on the Mercedes Benz B Class Electric


The Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive was revealed at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, but since then has undergone major development. The latest spy shots taken of the car, show that it is getting closer to a finished model. The car was being tested in the cold weather in Sweden.
From looking at the car, some conclusions can be drawn about what could be in the final version. It has a lithium ion battery pack which was Tesla sourced and the motor that it powered was 100kw. From looking at this and the other features of the car it has been concluded that the car will have a 120 mile range and it is likely to be able to reach speeds above 90 miles an hour.
The car is expected to be similar to the Prius V from Toyota which is a hatchback. It is felt that it will have luxury features that will compete with those that the Prius has. It is possible that this will be the only version of this model of car that will be available to US buyers and it is expected to appear on the market later this year.


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