Production Ready McLaren 650s Previewed


McLaren 650s McLaren said that they would bring their P1 GTR track special to the March Geneva Motor Show. Now there are also rumours that they may also be showing the 650S. There is even a teaser image circulating to show what this particular model might look like. This is starting rumours as to what the name of this new model might be as well. The 650s is based on the MP4-12c and this track version will be similar but called the 650 GTR or the 675 LT. This would be because the output has a 25 horsepower increase and LT means Long Tall which would be the same as the F1 GTR from the 1990s. The camo in the picture is very interesting as it shows the #41 Gulf/Davidoff pattern if you look really carefully. Which might add some evidence to it being the F1 GTR name that it will be based on, but it could just be there to fool everyone! The 12c had a track version called Can-Am and a 12C GT Sprint version which has now been replaced by the 650s Sprint. Therefore there could be names in this area or something similar and in March it is likely that we will find out. That is assuming both models do make it to the motor show after all.


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