Production Body seen on 2015 Volkswagen Passat Sedan and Variant


The Volkswagen Passat in the Sedan and Variant forms has been seen for the second time with a production body.
The prototypes have always been very heavily disguised in testing and so it has been hard to know what to expect. The only things that are known for sure is that they will be longer and wider than the current models which will mean that the cabin will have a lot more room. The design will be more angular as well and the wheelbase elongated.
The recent pictures show the cars to have sloping rooflines, long rear overhangs and short fronts. There also seems to be big headlights and a prominent grille on the front. The taillights look more stylish too and it is expected that the inside will be much improved with more safety and assistance features and better materials.
It is expected that this new Passat could appear at the next Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015.


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