Prices for Continental 2017 by Lincoln Became Available


Prices for Continental 2017 by Lincoln Became Available

The Continental model will have four variants of trim Select, Premiere, Black Label, and Reserve. The price for the Select starts at $48,440, while the price for the Premiere begins at $45,485. The base model of the Select will have an engine for 3.7 liters and six cylinders, which can be substituted with an EcoBoost motor for 2.7 liters and six cylinders for extra $2,250.

The Reserve model will have a motor for 2.7 liters and its starting price is $54,840. The price for the base model of the Black Label begins at $63,840. It is possible to upgrade top versions to an engine of 3 liters and six cylinders for an additional $3,265.

For $1,500 customers can get an option of Perfect Position seats, which adds 30 ways to adjust the seats. Lincoln offers a lot of extra features for an additional charge, such as climate bundle, technology bundle, the select plus bundle, the back seat bundle, and the luxury bundle.

The select plus bundle appends Sync 3 and observation of dead spot. The climate bundle adds heated back seats, automatic high bars, a steering wheel with a heated option, and wipers with rain sensor. The technology bundle adds cruise control, camera for 360 degrees, help of an enhanced active parking, collision prevention, and help with lane keeping. The back seat bundle adds multioutline back seats, inflatable back belts, system of cooling and heating for the seats, and a panoramic hatch. The luxury bundle has LED front lamps and stereo Revel with 19 speakers.


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