Price Increase Announced for the 2014 Legacy Outback


Price Increase Announced for the 2014 Legacy Outback
Subaru have announced that they will only be changing the price of the Legacy sedan and Outback wagon by a small amount. This is possibly because they know their customers are not fond of change or because they know most people just cannot afford to pay more.
The destination charges will be going up but the base prices will mainly be staying the same. This means that the 2014 Legacy will be up $25 to $21,090 and the only change will be heated seats and mirrors as well as a windscreen wiper de-icer. This was a $500 option in the past and now comes as standard. The premium models will also have a 4.3 inch display for the audio and radio systems. This adds $300 in price to the 2.5i premium which is good deal considering they were features that used to only be available as part of a $2700 package. The 2014 Legacy 3.6R has no change in price and the 3.6R premium model is no longer available.
The 2014 outback tells a similar story with just a $30 increase in price to $24,320. It also has the all-weather package added to it and the upgraded audio system for just an extra $300. It will have a better 2.5 litre 175 hp engine as well as the option of a 3.6 litre flat six which could do up to 256 hp. There is only a four cylinder option for the CVT except for the 2.5i which does have an option of a six speed manual engine. The 3.6R has a five speed automatic but the 2014 Outback 3.6R Limited is the same and the 3.6R premium is not available.
They usually also add on $300 for a PZEV package for the buyers that reside in states which follow the clean air laws of California. This includes most of new England and Washington DC. Although those in new Hampshire are exempt from PZEV and state sales tax so they will have no reason to complain!


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