Possible first sighting of Volvo SUV XC90


A Volvo test mule has been spotted and there is a possibility that it could be the new XC90. It was photographed by a CAR reader while refuelling in West Yorkshire and it looks like a V70 estate at first glance but is very tall.
It is stretched out in a strange way and has slab sided doors that also look very tall. It is stretched out under the shoulder line to make it to the correct dimensions for a SUV. It is also wider and the wheel arches have been expended to allow for larger wheels. This will allow the engineers to be able to tune it as well, in the same way that they did with the XC90 SUV 2014.
It is hard to know what is powering the test mule but there has been some information about what to expect from the XC90. It will look similar to the Volvo Concept Coupe from 2013 and use the downsized petrol and diesel engines with four cylinders that they have been using currently. They replace the five and six cylinder range of engines with Drive-e powerplants that displace just 2.0 litres.
The XC90 is one of the heavier Volvo models. This means that it will need a lot of power and so the engine will be highly tunes and will have higher powered electric motor hybrid propulsion as well which will enable it to match the Range Rover Sport and BMW X5.
It may seem that a four cylinder SUV is rather ambitious for them but Mercedes has one it its ML four band variant and Audi will be bringing out a four pot Q7 soon.
There has been quite a bit of information about the technology installed on board. It has many new safety features, for example, Volvo has a Vision 2020 target where it hopes that no one will be killed or even injured seriously in a accident hen driving a Volvo.
It therefore has pedestrian detection for use after dark and auto braking. It also has auto steering avoidance, road barrier detection and autonomous parking and unparking. This will be very handy for those customers hoping to use it to do the school run.
It will also have blind spot monitoring, anti-lane departure systems and radar guided cruise control which will mean that it will be one of the safest cars that will be seen on the motorways in Britain.


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