Possible Facelift for Volkswagen Touareg


Some recent spy shots have been taken of the Volkswagen Touareg and it looks like something odd could be going on with it. The pictures show it out testing but the pictures look quite confusing.
It could be that the SUV is being refreshed as it has been on the market for a few years. However, there do not seem to be that many significant changes to the model, although there are a few. The lights seem to be the same although it is hard to tell what exactly is under the disguise. It could just be that the bodywork is being used to try out a new engine or powertrain that is being developed. There are lots of sensors and wires visible in the photos which makes that a distinct possibility. There are also different exhaust outlets and the front looks to have a higher airflow. Whatever is going on, it looks like VW are certainly planning something!


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