Porsche Testing a New 911


Porsche Testing a New 911

The 992 Turbo featuring a ducktail spoiler, opposed to the regular Turbo wing, was on display at the Industry Pool at Nürburgring.

Porsche revealed the new Turbo S weeks ago; however, the company has chosen to keep the camouflage on its prototype. If you examine the back of the car you will notice the mostly camouflaged ducktail spoiler in the place of the regularly featured Turbo wing. The only thing visible through the camouflage is a third break light.

Is this a New Reincarnation of the Nine Eleven?

While this could be your standard 992 Turbo S many other possibilities remain. This prototype could be a special edition memorializing the Carrera RS 2.7. Perhaps it is the newest inclusion to the Aerokit or SportDesign collection? It could conceivably be the homecoming of a Sports Classic that had a limited production run. Think along the lines of the 997 generation model.


See the New 911 Turbo

Excited to see Porsche’s latest addition to the new 911 line up? Watch as the 992 Turbo goes on a test drive and see the car for yourself.

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New Turbo S News

The 911 collection gets more complex with Porsche selling the new Turbo S with a different type of exhaust: dual oval tips.

We are excited to see what the new Turbo S becomes and how it will shape the rest of the 911 line up.

Vehicle Properties of the 992 Turbo

  • Porsche has intimated that the 992 Turbo will be a light weight version of the 911 Turbo S with two seats.
  • Most likely no rear bench as there appears to be a roll cage in the rear.
  • Camouflaged front and rear bumpers look similar to the standard Turbo S.
  • Rear fender side vents are similar to turbo machine from Zuffenhausen.
  • Features yellow brake calipers, quad exhaust system with angular tips and alloy wheels as seen on the Turbo S.

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