Porsche RS Confirmed by Boss for 2014


Porsche unveiled their new GT3 only a few weeks ago but have now explained that they are already working on a variant. The head of BT series production, Andreas Preuninger announced that there would be a more powerful and extreme version called the GT3 RS.
It was announced that the RS is three quarters of a year behind the GT3 which means that it will be around for 2014. There will be a 911 turbo revealed in just a few months time and then their new 918 Spyder supercar is expected to appear in Frankfurt in autumn 2013 and so the RS could easily appear at the beginning of 2014.
The RS model will keep the dual-clutch gearbox that the latest GT3 has as well as the electric steering. This may not be liked by all fans, but Preuninger has promised that the gearbox offers more than a manual option and that the steering matches or maybe is even better than that of the GT3 RS 4.0 which was hugely liked.
However, until it is driven, it is hard to know what it will actually feel like. He has confirmed that there will be no chance of manual at all though as they do not want too many options. This is because there will have to be different suspensions for a manual compared to a PDK as well as different tyres and things and so with only a small team working on it, they do not have the time for this.
It has been said that the PDK may be tuned so that shifts in gear are quicker. It has already been observed in the new GT3 that gear changes are less than 100ms and the steering may also be retuned so that it matches the suspension of the RS.
Preuninger also explained that the GT3will be more usable as a daily drive vehicle. This means that the RS model could be an even more extreme take on the original. This means that the two models will differ more than they have in the past and it is expected that this will be something that will happen in the future as well.
Preuninger also revealed that the shape of the new car is beautiful. It is expected that the wing will be even bigger than the last generation RS and likely to be inspired by the huge spoiler that was seen on the last 991 cup race car. It is also expected that there could be aero tweaks because of the extra downforce that will be on the rear and so it may have aero flics on the front bumper in the same way that the GT3 RS 4.0 does.
There will be some weight saving measures on the new model despite the fact that the lightweight lithium ion battery is not an option for it. This is because unlike the 997 predecessors the rear wheel steering need a lot of current. However, the team are trying to put together a string enough battery that will be lighter in weight and are hoping that it will be ready for when the RS needs it. So it is a case of wait (or weight?!) and see on this one.
The car does have an aluminium intensive structure and that means that weight savings could be tight. With the aluminium doors that the GT and turbo models previously saw, then there is little else that can be done. There is the chance of a thinner roof made of carbonfibre but Preuninger explained that it is already very thin and so that would only make very minimal differences. He explained that other changes would be so expensive it would add too much to the sale price. It could be possible the RS may see more changes than the standard car though,
With the boot, wings and bonnet of the GT3 already aluminium then there are few options there too. However, the exhaust could be replaced from the steel system to titanium. All of these weight saving changes could increase the cost to £120,000.
The power of the vehicle is a bit more of mystery. Preuninger did not reveal any specific details although he did give away a little information. He explained that the new GT3 has a 3.8 litre flat six that although officially rated at 469bhp can reach 493bhp. It is therefore expected that the new RS could match this.


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