Porsche Pajun bringing latest on 2017’s baby Panamera


Recently Cajun got a new name, Macan, so it is hard to say what the badge name would be like. The one thing we are certain about is that the Bonsai Panamera is on. The chairman Matthias Müller made a mention to the German Weekly that this is one model that will be a very good addition to the range, even for the a time of six years from now.
As we know, Macan comes in collaboration with Audi. The 4900mm Pajun is a definitely a thorough Porsche offering. The following lines give a brief description of the schedule for marques front engine four-door future sports car:
•    The new V6 Panemera will be launched in 2013 springtime, with good work done on the styling and few upgrades too.
•    The next Frankfurt show in 2015 September will showcase the all-new stylized Panamera MkII. Later in 2016 or early 2017, the company is planning to start with the production process of Pajun that aims at the A6, E- class and 5 series.
2017 Porsche Pajun- the hardware
It seems like there is a bit of time concern because both the second editions of Pajun as well as Panermera are using a new kind of architecture which his dubbed MSB that goes with the modular sport cars. It also offers a great deal of MSB flexibility, more in the front, mid region as well as rear engine region, and it comes with rear, and all-wheel drive.
Though we know Pajun is aiming at the mid-size presentation, which is from Ingolstadt and Munich and Stuttgart, the prime targets come in the form of A7, 6 Series Gran Coupe and the CLS. You can expect it to come with two body styles, one will be the five-door coup, which is a step ahead of the Panamera, and the second will be the sport brake, which will come in post 12 months.
The pajun coupe that comes in five doors will combine with Audi A5 and overtones from own inspiration of Porsche, 911. You will find a third show window as one of the features of the shooting brake, a longer roofline from before, integration of the spoiler, slimmer taillights, larger window, fast rear  etc. It is possible to expect the Pajun being optioned with ceramic type of brakes, air suspension, and sport chrono plus, four wheel drive, better options with driver assistance system and torque vectoring.
Engines to be expected for the Porsche Pajun
If we speak about the engine, you can expect it to rely more on V6. As the Panemera is to be available in the brawny V8 TD1 from Audi, there is an Ingolstadt sourced  3.0 liter V6, also a TDI for Pajun which is expected to go about delivering almost 260 bhp and 320 bhp for the diesel version.
The reports suggest that to be soon expected news will suggest the two offering in the form of petrol fed 3.0-liter six cylinders. A lesser version to this is expected to give away 320 bhp, and with it 325 lb ft. this edition has a twin turbo, which is good to offer a 420 bhp 413 lb ft. another better option that can offer 520 bhp with 502 lb ft is the turbo S motor which has a more potent form.
The sticker for Pajun will be between €65,000 to a little more than €100,000.
Pajun will reach the midterm target for Porsche. It will go up to 200,000 cars every year. Like the Macan, Cayenne and the Pannemera, this one is definitely going to lower the dependence of the makers of sports car on the same kind cars.


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