Porsche Macan Turbo Captured in Spy Pics


The upcoming Porsche SUV in mid size called the Macan has been seen while testing and it had hardly any disguise. This meant that quite a bit of information could be gathered about this car which was codenamed Cajun, short for Cayenne Junior. This is because it is smaller than the Porsche Cayenne in the hope that it can attract a new group of customers to Porsche.
The Macan is not quite the pure Porsche that fans are used to but it is expected to make a lot of money for the company. This money will allow the company to produce more typical Porsches, such as the Boxster, 911 and Cayman to please those purists in the same way that the Panamera and cayenne have done. The Macan is smaller and more affordable which means that it fits in to the luxury crossover market which is very hot at the moment.
The underneath is an Audi Q5, which can be seen in the profile, if you look carefully. There will be a larger width and a reduced height though, to make it more Porsche like. It will have styling which is specific to Porsche include the front end which will have lots of air intakes and sporty mirrors on the doors. The pictured car has stickers on the rear and front lights but it looks as though they look a bit like those on the Panamera and Cayman. The fascia looks very much like that on the Cayenne as well as the roof and sides, the fast D pillar is also thick and the rear window is raked steeply. The car does look similar to the cayenne overall but it looks sportier.
The powertrain will have two option with a Turbo and S trim. Both will have the twin turbo 3.0 litre V6 engine that is new to Porsche and was first used in the 2014 Panamera. It is expected that the S variant will be around 340 horsepower with the Turbo being 400. The picture is likely to be showing this turbo version as it has red brake calipers, big wheels and quad exhausts.  It is expected that they will come will all wheel drive as standard in the same way that it does with the Cayenne. It is also expected that it will have a seven speed dual clutch.
This car will be launched in competition with the Mercedes-Benz GLK class, land Rover Range Rover Evoque, BMW X3/X4 and Audi Q5. It is expected that it will be seen in the autumn and the LA auto show and then go on sale quickly at a price of about $45,000. Of course, options will add to this price and there are certainly a lot of these available.


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