Porsche Is Planning to Launch Its 911 Hybrid Version


Porsche Is Planning to Launch Its 911 Hybrid Version

Porsche announced about some big changes. Several decades ago the company had some major changes in their engine technology there was a shift from the air cooling to the water cooling. Now, the turbo change is happening, when most of the automobile models have turbo motors. After that, however, there will be another change a hybrid reproduction through the whole range.

Porsche had hybrids before. The Panamera model was presented in two variants one happened in 2012 and the other happened in 2015. Not so long ago, the Cayenne was also enhanced to the specifications of plugin, which is also present on 918 Spyder.

For now, Cayman, 911, and Boxster were on the program of hybridization, but that will change. A representative from Porsche said that the 911 model is next to being changed for hybrid technology. This means that probably the hybrid option of 911 will appear before the fully electric version Mission E. In the long run, all the Porsche’s models will acquire the gaselectric variant.

The launch of hybrid versions caused the split in the opinions. Next year, the Carrera 911 will premiere and it will have doubleturbo engine flatsix.


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