Porsche Confirms the Launch of Macan with Four Cylinders


Porsche Confirms the Launch of Macan with Four Cylinders

Porsche Macan is a great automobile, which is very nice to drive. However, the price for the car is a little too high – $55,450. In addition, in the city it needs a gallon of petrol for 17 miles and on the highway it needs a gallon for 23 miles. In order to fix all of these problematic sides, the company decided to add to its line a turbocharged engine for 2 liters and with four cylinders. The engine will make a difference on both fronts – power and price.

The engine will develop 252 units of horsepower and together with the PDK for seven speeds and a drive for all-wheel it will reach in 6.1 seconds 60 miles.

However, the automobile will still need a gallon of petrol for 20 miles in the city and 25 miles on the highway. And it is hardly more efficient than the model S. The upcoming automobile will cost from $48,550. This price is lower than the Macan S, but it is still more than Macan’s competitors.

The automobile will become a good addition to the U.S. market, as it has been on sale in Europe for already four years. The debut of the automobile will be in New York in just several weeks during the automobile exhibition.


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