Porsche 911 Turbo, 911 GT3 caught with minimal camo


Catalunya in Spain was in the midst of crossfire between the new models and the hungry gaze of the onlookers. This time the hot beauties were none other than the ravishing three 991-series Porsche 911 GT3 prototypes. These were caught unawares by a photographer who had an iphone and he wasted no time in capturing the essence of these beauties. You can see the pictures in the foreground. Moreover these beauties sported a plethora of nifty new features. The last prototype was a cross between the GT3 and the traditional 911; it had a GT3- style five bolt wheels with a intimidating central exhaust. Rest of the rear wing, bumpers and the standard 911 were nevertheless same. If you look carefully you will notice that the little bit of camo on lower region of the back bumpers a have little vents and this is related to the GT3s covers. These tea like vents unanimously point towards the six cylinder 3.8 litre engine hanging out at the rear. The beauty of the concept is that the exact raw horsepower is concealed smartly behind 450 and 500 HP. Truly said it doesn’t matter how many horses of sheer masculine power your best boasts it takes only the crucial 7 speed PDK to coax them into action.
In Germany the 911 Turbo had a different story to tell. On the streets of Stuttgart the 911 Turbo was photographed in its entire naked splendor. The black metallic paint could not thwart the gaze of awry onlookers who drooled at its curves and ample rear. It was kind of tapered both in the rear and the front and moreover one can see all the detailing of the car. Even the exhaust system has got a facelift. Soon we can drool with the killer drop dead gorgeous looks of 911 and GT3 Turbo. Meanwhile hold your horses and browse through the still gallery.


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