Porsche 911 GT3 – Technical Specs


Porsche 911 GT3 – Technical Specs

The Porsche 911 GT3 is a superior performance version of the “Porsche 911” car. In fact, is the newest in a line of top performance models, starting with the 911 RS. Porsche is working on its new 991 and the artist’s idea gives an idea for what’s coming up for the most focused and best 911 yet. The latest 911 GT3 model technical specification is expected to be revealed in 2013. The engine of Porsche 911 GT3 makes it unique from other 996 models thought it shares similar basic 3.6 liter disarticulation of the usual 996 kind flat-6 engine.
Along with turbo and GT2, it depend upon the original air cooled 911’s dry-sump crankcase with oil tank. As compared to the usual 996, original version had 360 PS. In GT3 design, crankcase makes use of separate water jackets rather than cool banks. The GT3 engine is very much similar to the water cooled 962 cars engine that was based on the similar crankcase. The 962 model is different as it makes use of 6 individual cylinder heads. In GT3 as well as GT1 makes use of 2 cylinder heads. Each one covers a bank of 3 cylinders.

Thus, the GT3 engine can be thought of quite similar to a 959 engine with water cooled cylinders. Till early model year GT3 production the basic casting utilized was similar to air cooled engine. Moreover, in 964, casting number was quite obvious underneath crankcase. The crankcase casting was completely changed to get rid of external air-cooled ends but within it was the same. According to an American site, Porsche is expected to select a single transmission for future model and it can be a twin clutch box rather than a usual manual.

For 911 projects, the team was testing both PDK and manual transmissions. According to the project boss Achleitner, when they launched the 911 Turbo S, they did not provide a manual but they never had any complaints. The 911 air cooled crankcase makes use of Porsche 356 engine to show mounting flange configuration. Whereas the GT3 makes use of manual gearbox that has interchangeable gear ratios. Also, it is more durable making it apt for racing. At 500hp, the 4 liter flat-6 engine is powerful. One can expect to see the new model at a show in 2013. 911 doubters may fear for nth degree points of separation and more market saturation.



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