Porsche 911 Gets Facelift


Porsche 911 seems to almost constantly been changing and now it seems to be getting a facelift. It seems that no sooner is a new look car available to buy, work starts on even more changes, keeping the company with an up to date look to their cars, all of the time.
A Porsche 911 has been seen doing some testing next to the 911 Cabriolet lately. The new 991-based 911 was unveiled in May 2013 and already it seems there is work on a face lifted 911 going on.
The models seen are the Turbo and naturally aspirated and there are additional slats on both models at the back of the car behind the back wheels. It looks like it could mean that the regular 911 could be getting turbochargers too, but time will tell.
This is pretty big news though as the basic car has two vents on each side, this 911 Turbo gets three each side. It may indicate that the same turbo engine will be used for all models, with a retune for the Carrera, Carrera D and Turbo models. The images do make it look as though this could be possible. There has been no information with Porsche to back this up with any evidence though so at these stage it is all purely guess work.


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