Porsche 911 facelift (2015) spy shots of tweaked 991


The famous Porsche 911 is about to get a complete revamp and re-structuring as it hits the market next year. The Porsche may be looking at combining elements of past models such as the body of the all-wheel drive version with more grunt under the hood with an excess of 400 bhp to make it more powerful than the Carrera S. Of course, it will still lack the brute force of the 911 Turbo which has over a 100hp more.
While Porsche is fairly consistent with its design, we can expect a few changes. The bumper will be getting an update for greater airflow. There are also notable changes from the back such as extra vents beside the rear wheels. The lights will also be changed adding a camouflage touch.
Apart from this, the company has announced that a “track-ready” version of the 911 will be released sooner, a GT3 RS version optimized for more performance. The latest RS version will facilitate higher performance with a brake horsepower of around 500. In keeping with the previous GT3 model, it will also feature the usual rear-wheel drive and dual gearbox system.


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