Porsche 911 Cabriolet Seen – Might be the GTS?


An interesting Porsche 911 has been seen doing testing in the snow. It is unknown as to what it actually is but it looks like it could be the GTS Cabriolet. There are always changes to the 911 being announced with regards to the engineering although the design stays pretty much to its iconic best.
There are clues to the fact that this car is not just a standard one. The exhausts are the biggest one as they are centre mounted and offset which look very different to what we have seen on a Porsche before. It is just the GT3 that has them in the centre and the 911 normally has them alongside each other which this model does not. There are also some new aerodynamic flaps on the front bumper of the car which will help to cool the brakes by channelling air in that direction or close off when not needed to prevent drag on the car.
The exhaust pipes are huge with regards to being different to other 911 Porches. It is thought that this could be a 911 Speedster but the as the wind screen and roof have not changes this is unlikely to be the case.
It is also confusing because there are fender vents which look like 911 turbo-style ones. There are also slats in the back fascia as well which have been seen in previous spy shots as well. This makes it very hard to guess exactly what is going on here and it could mean that they are putting together a GTS version. However, it is not easy to speculate here.
Until more information comes out, we will just have to keep looking or spy pictures to give us more clues as to what they might be planning.


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