Plus RS6 Avant Version Announced by Audi


The boss of Audi’s Quattro division has announced that Audi are planning on building a plus version of their RS5 Avant. In an interview with Car magazine, Stephan Reil also explained that he also wanted to make the RS of the future much lighter.
He is planning a range of improved engines for the future Audi’s. This will increase the 552bhp which is already on offer from Audi. In 2004 the Plus version had an additional 30bhp on the RS6 Avant and it also had the option of bespoke trim, firmer damping, 100m height drop and improved brakes. There were only 999 of these built and 100 were exported to the UK. However the V10 engine RS6 which was the second version did not have any increase in power when it was brought out in a Plus model. The idea behind that was that the engine could not be as good as the V10 and so they did not bother making an improvement but decided to just change the equipment instead. The only change to performance was to increase the speed limiter to 190mph.
This new RS6 has high expectations. The Audi Quattro Division box did say that the new 4.0 litre V8 will still be 552bhp but explained that it would only be worth increasing by at least 8-10% or else it would not be noticeable. It is likely that very soon it will have to new R8 v10 plus engine and therefore be more powerful and there will also be variants as well. This will not be a limited number production either.
However, future models will not just include a change of power as it seems like weight may be reduced as well. It was explained in the interview that a plus model should handle differently and therefore just a change of weight would not be enough. Therefor not only is the R8 V10 plus lighter but it has a different suspension. The reduced weight is due to the fact that it has carbon fibre seats and bodywork which is lighter. However, it was admitted that because more cars were produced than originally planned, then aluminium would have been a better option.
Audi have stated that they will be using carbon in their chassis in future which will help to further reduce the weight. This has been confirmed by Wolfgang Durheimer, the CEO and will mean that everything will be lighter in future so all vehicles should be improved. This should mean that performance and efficiency will be much better in all of their vehicles, which should meet the ever growing demand for better fuel efficiency and power capabilities.
As for further changes to the Audi RS5, these look unlikely. The 5.2 litre V10 was easy to improve with regards to power and so a plus version could be made. However, the 4.2 litre in the RS5 is already very powerful and it cannot really be improved by a significant amount to make more than a 2% increase in power, which is unlikely to be that noticeable. However there could be changes made to weight and chassis which might make it a possibility but with most customers expecting the plus version of a car to be more powerful, then they may not bother for fear of disappointing people.
Turbochargers do seem to be the thing of the future with regards to engines power but Reil concluded his interviewing by saying that the 4.2 litre V8 in the RS4 and RS5 is something he really loves and will be fighting to keep in the car. Many people will approve of this.


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