Plug-In Porsche cayenne Seen


There have been rumours that Porsche has been working on a plug-in version of the cayenne for a long time. However, it has never been seen before until recently when it was seen undisguised when in testing. There was also a Porsche SUV with it as an additional bonus.
The photographer explained that it was windy when the cars were testing in the cold weather and it actually blew the cover off the Cayenne so some pictures could be taken before it was replaced. There are just minor changes to the car and they look similar to what changes were made when it was seen before. The back does have some disguise but it is thought that the lights will be the same as those seen on the Macan.
The other pictures are of the Cayenne PHEV. It looks very much the same as the current model but there is an extra panel on the drivers side and this is hiding the electric port. There is even an image which shows the car plugged in, confirming that it really is the electric, plug-in version. It is expected that it will use the same engine as the Panamera S E Hybrid which has a 3.0 litre V6 engine as well as a 9.4 KW hour lithium ion battery pack. This will allow it to do 416 hp and 435 lb/ft torque. It is expected that this syten will debut on the SUV at some point this year.


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