Plug-In Hybrid Options Availanle for Audi Q7, Q8 and Bentley Falcon SUV


Plug-In Hybrid Options Availanle for Audi Q7, Q8 and Bentley Falcon SUV
Bentley is getting ready to complete its new SUV which has been referred to as Falcon and it will have a plug-in hybrid option. This is the first Bentley to be made available with this option.
The SUV is based on the MLBevo platform which is the one used for the Audi Q7 and Q8 which are arriving in 2015. This architecture is scalable which means that it can be extended for the Bentley and Audi SUV’s making a long wheelbase format.
The prospect of a Bentley 4×4 could be a worry for some people but Luc Donckerwolke, the new design chief has said that it will be very different form the EXP9 F which caused a lot of controversy when it was released and will not be seen again.
The plug-in hybrid electric Bentley SUV will be a quiet vehicle for town use. It will be able to drive for 3 miles in silent EV mode before the internal combustion engine will take over. It could also be available in petrol or diesel mode. There are plans to use either a petrol or diesel version of their 3.0 litre V6 engine with the diesel aimed more at the European markets and the petrol everywhere else.
It is thought that this is a clever way of bringing out the first diesel Bentley, by putting it in as part of a hybrid engine.
The new Bentley SUV will start to be sold in 2016. It is twinned with Audi Q7 and Q8. The new Q7 looks a bit like a downsized Kenworth truck apparently. The new Q8 is lower and sportier and together with the Q7 will have aluminium technology which will mean the weight will decrease by 350 kilos even though the wheelbase and the length will be going up. The lightness will mean that the handling is better and the CO2 footprint will also be better because of the engines being more economical.
There is talk of it being very bright and blingy with imposing proportions and a huge cabin in the Q7.
It also looks like there will be even more products available in the future. There will be a SQ7 and SQ8 from Audi which will have V8 engines capable of 408bhp and 664 lb/ft torque. There is also a V10 TDI 5.0 litre engine being developed.
It has been said that the head of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech is personally interested in the new diesel which makes it possible that it could appear in the Bentley Falcon SUV as well.


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