Pininfarina Concept Seeming a More Real Option


Pininfarina is famous for having a close relationship with Ferrari and at the Geneva Motor Show revealed a concept that was designed in homage to Sergio Pininfarina, It was a very stylised car which was known as a Sergio and was based on the 562 hp Ferrari 458 Spider. Some may feel the style is rather over the top but there are others that feel that these limited edition vehicles are very well worth paying the price for. There are even some that are trying to get the car to a few garages so that there are some models available to buy for those lucky few who can afford them.
There have been rumours that there are some models being produced and this has been growing since the concept was shown at a number of places includeing the Pininfarina celebration in London and the Villa d’Este, It may be that just five are built in Turin and will be available by 2015 and will cost $2 million. It is expected that these will be strictly limited to Europe though.
It is odd though that the car is reproducible when normally this type of concept would always be just a one off model. If the inside is based on the Spider then that will all be possible to produce. The bodywork is carbon fibre which means that it weighs less than the aluminium Spider. The centre locking wheels may not work on a production level though. The down force will be lost from the lack of windscreen although there are ducts in the wheel well sat the front to compensate which is something being done on many supercars, as idea taken from GT racers. They also help to take air to the back of the car and cool the engine.
It will be interesting to see whether there is enough of a business case for these cars to be made. It is possible that with better 3D prototyping and using existing architectural dimensions it maybe something that is easier to do these days. It does seem like this has been achieved with the Pininfarina and it could very well be possible that five very wealthy people could each own a very limited edition car.


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