Pictures Taken of the VW Golf R 2013


The hottest Golf from Volkswagen has been spotted testing on the Nurburgring circuit before it is launched later in the year.
There are quite a few clues that give away the identity of the car, from the photos taken. The front grilles with their trapezoidal shaping and the sports alloy wheels are a big hint. The low profile rubber and quad tailpipes are also huge clues. Golf R’s have used two central pipes before but it seems that they will use the four tube arrangement from the Audi S3. It will look quite subtle when compared to the Vauxhall Astra VXR and Ford focus ST but this will actually add to the appeal of the Golf.
The new engine will no longer be a V6 but a turbocharged four cylinder which the spies at the circuit reported as sounding pretty fruity. The power will go up to 286bhp compared to 261bhp from the current Golf R. It will also be lighter due to the platform, codenamed MQB which is lighter than the one on the current model.
There is four wheel drive on the car which is something that Golf R cars have traditionally had since 2003. It will use the Haldex 4 Motion drivetrain like the one in the past AWD Gold. This will mean that power can be sent backwards when slip is detected. This is what is being rolled out on the A45 and CLA45 AMG in their 4Matic system. All of the cars will have a six speed manual gearbox with an option for the six speed dual clutch DSG transmission, which many may take up .
There will be an everything-off drivers mode as well. This means that it will be able to straighten up the car and trim the input. It means that in hardcore R drivers will have to rely on their own skills to keep the car on the road.
The car will be quite pricey. This is because it is unusual for a car to have all of the features that this one does. This is why it will probably start at around £32,000 for the Golf R with three doors and manual control rising to £35,000 for the five door models.
This is very close to what Audi is charging for their AWD S3 hatchback but it does get 296bhp from the 2.0 litre engine. The BMW M135i can give 316bhp ad at just £30,555 it looks rather good value until you consider its rear drive chassis.
VW does have a lot of hot hatches on offer at the moment. What with the Golf GTI MK7 and the Audi S3. Then there is the Seat Leon Cupra as well that has been seen in testing. They can obviously spot a gap in the market that they want to fill.


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