Pictures Snapped of the Mercedes C-Class Coupe


Mercedes C-Class Coupe Later in the year the Mercedes C-Class will be launched and it has been seen out and about testing. It was spotted in Stuttgart and this particular model had disguise and a bolt on bit which looked like a BMW 6 series boot. However, this was part of the camouflage and the changes are more to do with it being sportier, specifically wider and lower. It also has side mirrors on the doors rather than on the A-pillar. This coupe looks more mature somehow in the same way that the new sedan did. The sculpting is very much more emphasised for one thing and this can be spotted underneath the disguise. The upper swage, for example runs through the door handle and over the back wheel which gives it a harder edge than the sedan where it dips below the door handle. It is thought that this could be seen at the Paris Motor Show and may even have a convertible version beside it as well. It is expected to be seen on sale in Europe later in the year.


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