Pictures of the BMW X5 2014 Reveal Exciting Facts


The BMW X5’s latest model has been seen a selection of times.  More recent sighting have given more clues though as it is not so well camouflaged anymore. It has headlights, taillights and a grille which look more like a typical X5 and the graphics printed on to try to hide what the car is, are not so effective any more.
Once the car was identified, pictures were taken of it to see what it was like. There were several different types seen. There are different wheels on the different cars and there is chrome and black trim around the windows. They have front facias that are standard and M Sport. The M Sport one will make it really look the part but will not make much difference to performance.
The current X5 has really made its mark on the SUV market in the premium area, This means that the new one needs to be quite similar with regards to its performance, styling and price so that its established customer base continues to buy it. There are new designs coming out by its competitors such as the Porsche Cayenne, The VW Touareg, Merceds Benz M Class and Audi Q7, so it will need to stay a player in this market.
The new X5 will be using electronics and hardware that have been used on the 5-series Gran Turismo and 5 series. It will be an all-wheel drive as the architecture is set up for this despite the platform being a rear wheel drive set up. This is what BMW would also use if they brought out an X7, but this does seem unlikely as the X5 will have seven seats.
It has been revealed that the new X5 will have two options for an engone, both being 3.0 litre in turbo diesel or gasoline. There will be an additional option of a 4.4 liter turbo V-8. They will also have a similar model but with 580 hp rather than 555 of the other one. It is very likely that there will also be a hybrid version. They will all have automatic transmission with an eight speed torque converter.
It is felt that more diesel options will probably be offered in Europe. These are likely to be single, double and triple turbo charged ones. Currently the most powerful is the M performance and it is likely that this will remain the same. It is felt that a 2.0 litre four cylinder diesel is also likely to be offered as there is currently one in the European market. A diesel hybrid is also likely in Europe as well.
The car will be in competition with the Porsche Cayenne, Lexus RX, Audi Q7, Volkswagen Touareg and Merecedes-Benz M Class. It is predicted to be launched late next year and assembled in South Carolina. It is felt that it will be a similar $48,395 price to the current one.


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