Pics Taken of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe


Pics Taken of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe
The BMW Series 4 Gran Coupe has not been seen out testing very much recently, but has now been pictures. As it is just the new name for the old 3 series and will just be a four door coupe, there is a big question as to whether it is actually that interesting! It does not seem like there will be that much difference really between it and a series 3 sedan. It might has a four passenger seating layout or a roofline that is slightly more rackish, but is that enough to stand it apart? Obviously BMW thinks so!
The spy pictures reveal nothing new about the outside of the vehicle as it is covered up in the same manner that it was last time it was spotted. It is expected that it will look very much like the 3 series sedan and the 4 series coupe and so no big surprises are expected anyway.
The powertrain will also be likely to be similar to that on the 3 series with 428i and 435i expected with four and six cylinder engines. It is likely that there will be an all-wheel drive option using the BMW xDrive system and they may even be a 428d with the 2.0 litre turbodiesel that was shown at the New York Auto Show. An M4 variant is not out of the picture either.
It is expected that the 4 series will launch later in the year and the 4CG will appear shortly afterwards.


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