Pics Taken in Southern Europe of LaFerrari Racing Prototype


There has been a lot of talk that Ferrari will be challenging at LeMans again with a MLP1 racer of their own. This was something that the head of the sports division implied and then the head of their Formula One Team mentioned it and when the company chairman confirmed it was possible then it all seemed very likely indeed. However, there has not been any indication that the company have actually been working on a car, that is until now.
A car has been seen in Southern Europe during testing, that could very well be the very car. It was disguised but seemed to be based on the LaFerrari supercar with modifications that showed it was not destined to be a road car. There are revised aerodynamics for one thing with a giant front splitter and a big rear wing coming out at the back. The headlights have also changes and as well as a snorkel air scoop coming from the engine bay there is are centre wheel locks.
This is certainly enough evidence that the car is for race track use but there is still no evidence as to what it will be used for. It may have some fancy bits added on to it but they are not as extreme as the prototypes that have been purpose built for the race by Porsche, Audi and Toyota for the FIA World Endurance Championship and there is not even a mandatory tailfin in this design. It could possibly just be a testing platform for an upcoming LMP1 possibly. With the LeMans rumours it would probably have been though that it would just be a GT racing version of LaFerrari like in the way Maserati did with the MC12. The other possibility is a customer track toy like the FXX and 599XX that also followed the MC12.
Time will tell what it is , but whatever it might turn out to be, it certainly looks like there is something exciting on the cards.


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