Pics of the Mercedes AMG GT Appear in Magazine


The official AMG customer magazine has featured a few pictures of the new Mercedes AMG GT sports car which will be a new rival to the Porsche 911 and will appear in 2015.
The pictures in the Driving Performance magazine show a black and luminous striped GT. It is expected that the car will be a continuation of the SLS. It will be a smaller and cheaper sportscar and will first arrive on the market as a coupe.
It is expected that the car will use the aluminium know how of the SLS and therefore will be lighter than the SLS perhaps up to 300 kilos less at around 1400kg.
It will be later in the year that the car will be unveiled by Daimler and then it will be launched in showrooms in 2015. It is expected that its £85,000 price will allow it to compete with Jaguar F-type coupes and Porsche 911. The launch model will have a V8 engine and will be capable of 503bhp. This will be a new V8 engine; a Mercedes 4.0 litre not the 6.2 from the AMG that has powered many previous models. It is also a bi-turbo engine rather than being naturally aspirated.
It has been confirmed by Daimler that the V8 engine will manage the 503bhp at 6250rpm and will be capable of 479lb/ft torque which will be on a flat plateau from 1730-2750 rpm.
It could be seen as a disappointment to some that revs are not so high but with dual turbo power it means that higher powered version will be much easier to make. At the moment there is already a black Series planned which is likely to get near to 600bhp according to the source at Mercedes-Benz that has been giving information to CAR magazine.
The interior of the car has already been revealed, unlike the outside and so more details are known for definite. The cabin looks similar to the SLS in that it is snug and has the same layout as would be expected in a sports car as well as a view of the long bonnet through the front windscreen. It also has some similarities to the C-class such as the switchgear and the tablet computer digital screen.  There is also an armrest which has embossed leather on it. It certainly looks like Mercedes would like to show what it is capable of with this car.


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