Pics of the 2014 Range Rover Sport?


Some pictures have been released which look suspiciously like the new Range Rover Sport 2014. Land Rover have only just released a teaser video of the vehicle and it will be debuted at the New York Auto show. However, a picture has been put on the VMax 200 facebook page of the what looks very much like the vehicle in a garage.
It looks like it has been designed in a similar style to the Evoque crossover but still has features of the bigger Range Rover. There is a two tier grille, for example which is very similar to the three tier one on the larger car. The light clusters also look very similar. However, there are pretty parts of the front fascia which look a lot more like the Evoque. The rocker panel flares also look very similar to the three door model of the Evoque. It is missing the vertical side vents that the Range Rover has but just has a small fender vent at the front with matte silver strakes.
There have been no details released yet by Land Rover with regards to the 2014 Sport but they have said that it will be agile, responsive and fast. We will just have to wait until 26th March to find out more!


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