Photos Possibly of the Nissan Frontier


Photos Possibly of the Nissan Frontier
Some spy photos have been sent in to a Philippine site by a reader which look like they might be of an undisguised Nissan Frontier. There have been some photos and videos of the car and these pictures show it with no camouflage. There is a picture of the back as well as the front and they seem to match up with the teaser video that was released. This car is the Nissan Navara, but in foreign markets will be called the Nissan Frontier. It is rather confusing though as Nissan US says that this is not the Frontier whereas Nissan Thailand put the picture on Twitter. Things are therefore rather confusing.
The images also have details of a 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine being what is powering the car which has 187 horsepower as well as 332 lb/ft torque. It has either got seven speed automatic or six speed manual transmission. It has been said that on the 11th June the car will be revealed and then there will be a lot more information available including the price.


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