Photos of Unimog & Econic Released by Mercedes


Mercedes have themselves released some photos taken of the 2014 Econic and Unimog trucks while testing in cold weather.
The two models are due to be released in the autumn and both will have a revamp with exterior and interior changes. In the photos the vehicles are camouflaged and so it is difficult to pick up many clues about these changes, although there are a few. The Econic, for example, has an upright front fascia and the Unimog has a single bar grille which will be prominent.
Merceds has also stated that they will both have the Blue Tec-6 diesel engines to meet the Euro VI emission standards. There will be an additional particulate filter as well.
Mercedes have confirmed that the vehicles have been through a lot of testing in icy conditions in temperatures of a low as -30 Celsius in snowy mountains and on icy roads. This is in addition to the hot weather testing that they previous did in the 45 degree Celsius heat in Spain where they also went to high altitudes in the Sierra Nevada mountains.


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