Photo Shoot Pictures of BMW 2


It will not be long before the BMW 1 series will be phased out and replaced by the series 2. The series 1 models will just be the GT and hatchback and may not even be sold everywhere including the US. This new model has been recently spotted when it was having a photo shoot. This was a rare opportunity for pictures of an undisguised version of the car to be taken.
From the pictures it can be seen that the roofline looks very similar to the current series 1 BMW coupe although the front and rear seem smoother in design. It is in M235i guise with large wheels and air intakes on either side at the front as well as slim headlamps.
It is expected that the 2 series BMW will be exported to the US probably in the M235i and 228i variants with current rumours saying that there will not be a non M235i model. It is expected that it will use the same N55 turbocharged inline 6 that is in the 335i sedan with 320 horsepower. The 228i will use the 328i 2.0 litre turbo four which will mean it will have 240 hp. They are likely to both have six speed manuals and eight speed automatic transmissions. It is expected that the car will debut very soon ready for November production.


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