Phideon by Volkswagen Looks like Phaeton


Phideon by Volkswagen Looks like Phaeton

Volkswagen designed a new automobile with a style that resembles the Phaeton model. The only difference is that the upcoming model will be available just at the Chinese market. The new model called Phideon was presented this week at the auto exhibition in Geneva. Phideon is smaller than the Phaeton and it will represent the high-quality sedan segment in the Chinese market.

The buyers in China will get a good-looking automobile with a new brand-name face and the back end done in the Passat style. Even though, the sedan segment in China can’t boast to be very characteristic, Volkswagen designed an automobile that will be very comfortable for both drivers and passengers.

The Phideon will be powered by the engine for 3 liters that is turbocharged and will produce 295 units of horsepower. It was said that the front-drive option will also be disposable and it will run on the engine of 2 liters turbo-four. The hybrid plug-in option will come out in the nearest future as well.

The Phideon will be the first company’s model based on the MLB platform. The automobile will not reach U.S. markets and will be exclusively sold in China.


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