Opel Mini Car Set To Unveil Small Engine


Opel Mini Car Set To Unveil Small Engine
The Opel mini car has been in development so long. So far, it has worn 3 names from Allegra to Junior. Now, it is being told that it will be called Open Adam.  It will be the first car to make use of small engine. It possesses a lightweight and compact design. Undoubtedly, it is a strong candidate. The engines are expected to improve fuel economy over present engines by 10%.
At 3.70mtrs, it extends 15cm beyond the prominent Volkswagen Up. Moreover, it is comparatively smaller than “Opel Agila”. It is about to go on sale in coming spring of 2013. The estimated price is about $10,000 (roughly around $13,000).

The engines with latest medium sized engines including 1.6 liter turbocharged gasoline and 1.6 liter diesel unit will replace a considerable amount of present engines by the end of the decade. The small engines will be utilized throughout Opals’ model variety. In fact, you will notice progressively broader applications.

The variety of medium engines will be out in 2 years. Opel is planning to expand its plan in Southwest Hungary and Szenthgotthard to build the medium and small sized engine to boost yearly production capacity to around 500,000. Moreover, the transmission will assist lessen carbon dioxide and improve fuel economy. SAIC and GM are also planning to develop a dual-clutch conduction.

Well, stay tuned to get more updates and other mysteries will start to be solved on 8th May. Officially, Opel will announce the car on May 8. According to rumors, the showcases disclose will be at the Paris Motor show.


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