Opel Insignia 2017 Will Be Bigger, but Lighter


car spy photos Opel Insignia 2017

Opel is having big plans about building a new generation of cars with saloons of mid-size, which is said to be out very soon.

The media in Germany says that an updated Insignia will become longer for 15 cm together with its wheelbase that will get extra 9 cm in length. All these modifications will result in a more commodious interior.

According to some car spy photos Opel Insignia 2017 will be based on a platform created by General Motors, which supposedly will be called the E2xx. Due to underpinnings, the weight of the car will decrease for almost 100 kg, even though the size of the car will become bigger.

It is said that a range of 3- and 4-cylinder diesel and petrol burners will be powering a new model. Also, there will be a bi-turbo diesel with almost 160PS.

A new transmission with 8-speed single-clutch will be present in the car as well together with the drive system of all-wheel and adaptive suspension. There are rumors that there will be OPC option, which will contain a 6-cylinder set that will be turbocharged and produce 400PS.

As for the design of the car, it will borrow some styling features from Astra K and Monza Concept. Due to an  roof, which is visible on the pictures, a new model can be called a 4-door coupe.


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