2011 Opel Corsa OPC Nurburgring Edition


The class with hot pocket rockets is growing, as we can see on these photos. Opel is working on a hotter version if its little Corsa OPC, that probably will get the additional name Nurburgring edition.

2011 opel corsa opc nurburgring edition

Compared to the normal OPC, this little rocket will get more power under the hood, updated brakes and a new aerodynamic package. And to be sure not to taken for a more normal OPC, the center mounted exhaust is changed to one fat pipe on each side.

opel corsa opc nurburgring edition 2011

This modification does not just look better; it makes the Nurburgring Edition sound much better as well. We also hear the Nurburgring Edition got its suspension and wheels updated as well as its lost some weight to make sure it handle much better. The lack of camouflage makes us believe that Opel will debut this special OPC version at the Essen Tuning Show in December.

2011 opel corsa opc nurburgring

There is also a set from the track available for those who want that instead.

opel corsa opc nurburgring 2011

opel corsa opc nurburgring edition


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