Oil And Oil Filter Changing


Motor oil is essential for the protection of personal motor vehicles. Among other things, it also lubricates and cools, cleans and protects the motor. Over time, pollution enters the lubrication system during engine combustion. With the addition of more and more polluted air pollution affects the lubrication system and therefore the filtration lubrication system is more important than ever.

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Dirt particles originating from the engine are very abrasive. They consist of air dust, soot and other particles in the air, microscopic metal particles generated inside the engine due friction, as well as contaminants due to degradation of the oil. These particles carry oil between the various moving parts of the engine and cause wear of the grinding surface, altering the spacing and generating higher abrasive fragments. The cycle continues, precision parts become increasingly worse until it is fully scrimmaged. So constant and continuous lubrication in combination with filtration is the most important for the proper functioning of the internal combustion engine.

Why Change Oil And Oil Filter?

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Good filtration is the key to prevent tearing of the engine and expensive engine repairs caused by dirt. Oil purification filters protect the oil from the dirt so that maintains a cleaner engine, to help to preserve the life of the engine and its performance. Oil filters are nowadays products such as cartridges that are less polluting.

Changing the oil in the car, although it is a very simple thing, pulls out some money from drivers pocket. With all of the costs for the purchase of winter tires, tire depot pay for their rigging, replacement of antifreeze, there is a cost of changing oil. Regular inspection and replacement of oil on a car is one of the most important things to maintain the pet on four wheels. Quality oil and oil filter keep the engine from overheating, reduces wear of metal surfaces in the engine and ultimately extends the life.

When Is The Right Time To Change Oil?

Oil change interval depends on the engine as well as the type of oil used, but roughly the oil should be changed in every 5,000-10,000 kilometers traveled. Many people only pour more, and that is not good. It is mandatory to replace the oil filter when you are changing the oil. The choice of oil is also important. Gasoline engines often use synthetic or semi-synthetic oils 10-40 or 5-40, but if you do not know, it is the best to seek the advice of services. For example, the “Opel Astra” 1.4 gasoline usually uses engine oil 10-40, and there is a genuine oil producer who sells oil just for this car, which will be recommend in every serious service.

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How Do You Notice That There Is No Oil In The Clutch

When gearbox during speed changing cramps, one of the possible reasons is that it is run out of oil in the gearbox. If there is a problem with changing speed, you should immediately go to the service. It may be a lack of oil in the gearbox, it can also be worn blades, but nothing should be left to chance because the car in the middle of driving can make a huge problem.

Oil And Oil Filter Changing – DIY

Informations provided by site Mygaragestory.net. Its may help you to change oil by yourself

  •  The first step of the purchase of an appropriate oil and filter is research. It is recommended to change the oil when the engine is cold, so you need to turn off the car and wait for half an hour, but do set it on a channel if not on a flat surface on the street.
  • When the engine has cooled down, you need to lie down under the car on the front and pay attention to the lower part of the engine that is closest to the earth. This is a place where the oil is. In this work there is usually something like a plug, holes or such, which should be opened mainly by unscrewing them.
  • Before you start doing these operations, put old container below, in which the oil will leak later.
  • Next step is to remove the filter. If the filter is much tighter, we should take a piece of sandpaper to reduce friction, to capture that piece of filter and arms unfold.
  • When the filter is removed, and when the oil leaks all the way into the vessel, you should close the place where the oil is coming out and set a new filter.
  • The last step takes us to the top of the engine, when you open the hood, remove the cover, which is taking place. On the cover in most cases, there are same images drawn as well as on the dashboard for oil. Finally,  open the oil tank cork and pour new oil.


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