Official Spy Photos of Range Rover Sport SVR Prototype


Official Spy Photos of Range Rover Sport SVR Prototype
Land Rover has issued some spy photos of its new Range Rover Sport SVR. This unusual move has provided fans with some pictures of the 543 bhp vehicle which has some interest added on by the new special ops division. Companies do not normally do this, but Range Rover were obviously keen to wet the appetite of some potential buyers.
The prototype of the car will be used at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the Goodwood Hill climb and so it will be spotted soon enough and the photos at least prove that the car will be part of the Range Rover Sport family soon.
The new SVR badge is proof that Land rover plan to have a go faster section for their future cars. The Special Vehicle Operations team have already made this public knowledge and they will be working of higher performance cars which will wear this badge,
It looks from the Range Rover Sport that the SVR’s will be extreme. It is certainly the most powerful and speedy Land Rover vehicle ever made and it looks pretty much like it has an aggressive aero package as well. It also has some interesting styling features as well as a low chassis which will make it stand out.
It has already been confirmed that it will have a V8 engine 5.0 litre which will be capable of 543bhp. The engine is similar to those used it faster Jaguars and has good pulling power.
However, it is expected that the vehicle, as it is from the Special Ops department will be a low volume one. This means that it will be a high margin car appealing to those that want something exclusively expensive.
However, if you want a look at it, then the Goodwood Festival of Speed promises to be a greta opportunity. There will be demonstration runs in the hillclimb category on the 27th, 28th and 29th June. There will be other Land Rovers there as well with off road events. You will be able to have a go at driving on an almost vertical incline for free if you want to try out a Range Rover or Disco.


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