Off Road G63 From Mercedes Spotted


G63 From Mercedes The Mercedes-Benz Gelanderwagen is one of the most hard core vehicles around and the AMG has made it even more so. They have managed to successfully make a more powerful version of the vehicle each time a new one has released sometimes even surprising themselves with what they have been capable of doing. However, it now seems that they are thinking of upgrading the vehicle but providing it with only four wheels, rather than the normal six to appeal to those who do not need so many. In Southern Europe a G-class prototype has been seen in testing and it has a selection of improvements made to it but with just the four wheels. It has upgraded side skirts, wider fender flares, bigger bumpers and a higher ride height. It also has the wagon body style rather than the pickup bed. It is thought that it will still have power from the V8 5.5 litre twin turbo that is in the current model. This has 544 horsepower and 561 lb/ft torque and to put this through the four tyres with seven speed automatic transmission should be pretty impressive. It seems likely to be a big a hit and will relieve many people who were disappointed when they heard rumours that the G-wagen would be replaced with the GL. It seems that they mad ethe right decision not to do this.


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