Nurburgring Testing for the BMW 2-series Convertible (2015)


The BMW 2-series Convertible has been seen testing at the Nurburgring recently. It has a planned debut at the Paris motor show in 2014 and it looks to be going really fast in the photos that were taken of it. The rear suspension is really compressed, showing that the corners it is doing are very fast.
This convertible will be a replacement for the 1-series soft top and will have a fabric roof as well. There will be no hard folding top.
This car is called a four seater by BMW but the back seats are likely to be much more suited to children.
It is expected that the engines will be similar to those in the 2-series coupe range. This means that the UK choices are likely to be 220i 2.0 litre four cylinder, 228i 2.0 litre four cylinder, M235i 3.0 litre straight six and a 220d 2.0 litre four cylinder TD. The bhp varies between them from 184 on the 220i and 220d to 326 for the M235i with the 228i at 245.
The 2-series sees diesels as the most popular engine type and half of UK sales are expected to have diesel engines.
The current 2-series does not fit in that well. The new car will have the same rear wheel drive architecture which is different to the front wheel drive system on the 2-series Active Tourer.
The prototype pictures will be the last small BMW with rear drive set up which many enthusiasts really love.
The car is likely to be around before the Paris motor show on 2nd October. It is due in March 2015 in the showrooms in the UK and is expected to be priced from £25,000.


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