Nurburgring Testing for Aston Martin Vantage


Aston Martin Vantage It looks as though Aston Martin have been testing a modified version of the Vantage at the Nurburgring. The company is in a state of change at the moment as it has a new chief executive and has a new engine deal with Mercedes-AMG. It is also developing a new platform and the new Lagonda Sedan makes it look as if the design direction might be changing as well. This could be the biggest shake up that the company has had since the 1990’s when it was taken over by Ford. It could be exciting as well! A new test mule has been spotted which could give some clues as to the future of the company. Testing at the Nurburgring; the prototype car looked very much liked the V12 Vantage S but the wheel arches were wider. This leads to only one question, which is why are they larger and what are they accommodating? A good guess would surely be that they are there to make roomf or the new Mercedes engine. The arches have competition spec alloys and there are no grille slats on the nose but apart from that there is nothing else to go on. However, the fact that a prototype even exists is surely exciting enough and it is worth keeping an eye out for more in the future.


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