Nurburgring Sighting of Toyota Auris 4×4 2017


Nurburgring Sighting of Toyota Auris 4x4 2017
The latest pictures of the new Toyota Auris 4×4 have been taken of it while testing at the Nurburgring. There has been a potential launch date announced for 2017 as well.
This sector of the market is one that many manufacturers are taking ad vantage of as there is a growing demand from people to downsize and have a sportier SUV which is faster.
The photos show an early mule of the new Toyota which will be placed below the RAV4 in the range of cars that the company has to offer. The pictures show that the design is based on an Auris but if you look closely you can see that it has a higher ride height that these do. The photographers also felt that the car was rear axle driven and although there are no drive shafts or rear differential shown in the photographs, they are probably right.
There is currently a four wheel drive option of the Auris available in Japan but nowhere else. It is thought that this new model could be available in two and four wheel drive options though. This means that they will be able to have a lower starting price and give customers the option of a vehicle that is kinder to the environment with lower carbon emissions and cheaper to run as well.
There is no indication as to whether the Hybrid Synergy Drive petrol-electric system will be available on this new model but as the manufacturer has a great reputation for its hybrid systems it is a distinct possibility.


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