Nurburgring Record Sought by Cadillac CTS-V


Back in 2008 the Cadillac CTS-V managed a Nurburgring record with a lap time of 7:59 which was the fastest time for a sedan at that time. Since then a few cars have managed to beat it such as the Porsche Panamera turbo and there are other hot hatches which are also beating that time now. This means that the new CTS-V Cadillac is likely to try to beat that time.
The car has been spotted a few times in testing in different locations and now it has been seen at the Nurburgring. It was still wearing its Michigan manufacturer licence plates and using the Goodyear Dunlop test facilities. It is expected that it will manage a new record for a sedan lap, especially considering how well it performed last time. It may even lead to big competition between the different European sedans with regards to speed.


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