NSX Details Revealed by Acura


The Acura NSX  (new sports experience) is soon to be revealed from central Ohio, an area not normally known for its cars. Honda have announced that they will be making the NSX at a production facility that has cost $70 million and will be at the former Honda North American logistics facility. This is only a few miles away from the Honda Engineering North America’s centre for the development of new production technologies and the Honda of America R&D centre. This will be their third plant within the state. The plant will employ 100 employees which will be taken from their other facilities in the state. The powertrain will be made in Anna, Ohio at the Honda engine plant.
The CEO if Honda of America, Hidenobu Iwata explained that the location made perfect sense because it was located within their other plants. Their original NSX was produced at the Takanzawa plant in japan which was the first plant to produce an all aluminium body and so by saying the Ohio plant is one of the best in the world is certainly praise indeed.
Honda have stated that the NSX will have a V6 engine that will be mid mounted. It will also be mated to the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system. The head of NXSX development. Ted Klaus, explained that it is important for the car to produce emotion when it is driven. The Ferrari 458 Italia produces emotion when driven and they are looking to replicate that. They are also looking to get the sort of performance that comes from the Audi R8, Porsche 911 and McLaren MP4-12C. The Acura probably doesn’t have the same sort of reputation as these brands and they are trying to target those customers that may not be able to afford those other brands. It is likely that it will be another two years before the NSX hits the forecourts though.
It will be mass produced in 2015. There will be a group of top engineers working on it, fro Ohio and Los Angeles and they will be working closely with Klaus and Clement D’Souza who is the chief engineer at Honda of America.


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