Nissan’s going to launch its new hatchback in 2014, competition up for Golf


Nissan stepped out of the hatchback car manufacturing market back in 2006, with last sold hatch being the Almera. However as the people today prefers to buy more hatchbacks cars, Nissan is planning its way back to hatchback car market with the launch of a new mid-sized hatchback that will give tough competition to Golf. The car is planned to be launched in between 2014-2015 session. Nissan will launch its car on a global market and will launch under C-segment hatchback car market. The new Hatchback is unique and of its own new hatchback series and will not belong to Almera or sunny. The reason why Nissan pulled out of the hatchback market earlier was because Nissans hatchback car were not able to pull enough market against tougher competition. However as demand of cars and especially hatchback car is increasing day by day Nissan CEO said that the company is confident on its inventions and it’s going to pay off.
Also the chief executive explained that the company is planning to launch Qashqai and Juke, two mini-SUVs. Most of the SUVs are manufactured in the UK and almost 80% of them are exported. However despite of its success, the company is fully focused on its hatchback which going to be part of the market in 2014.
About new Nissan Hatchback:
According to sources Nissan is planning to launch a five door hatch whose body design will be similar to concept cars shown in recent car fairs. Body design and car style are not yet confirmed however sources tell a 5 door hatchback is almost sure.
Nissan has revealed the new hatchback will be up for manufacturing in Nissans UK based manufacturing plant located in Sunderland. It’s also the reason why this step of Nissans is in news as experts predict this north-eastern plant of Nissan will manufacture cars more than whole Italy. Also along with this news Nissan also announced that the new car will be launched globally and will be available in almost all countries where Nissan network exist.
The new hatchback is said to be heavy in design and will consist all latest technology options available in it. One can expect in hatchback Nissan car technologies like self parking option, complete panoramic sunroof and the latest and most popular Nissan tool which is low-cost navigation. The development of new hatchback will be taken care with a Nissan technical plant located in central Europe in Carnfield UK. Engineers here will be designing car internals along with decision on 1.2 or 1.5 liter engine which is going to be part of the new hatchback.
The fact that is drawing interest of many in wait of the new Nissan hatchback is that if the company will provide an electric option of the car or not.



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