Nissan Versa 2015 Pictures?


Nissan Versa 2015 Pictures?
Some recent pictures have been taken which look like they may be of the new Nissan. With the Nissan Sunny having been on the market since 2010 and is the overseas version of the Versa Sedan. Some pictures have turned up on Auto Sohu a Chinese site and although they are pretty grainy, they look like a Sunny with some new styling.
It looks like the headlights could be the thing that is the biggest change. From the pictures it seems like the Sunny will be having the boomerang looking type of lights that have been seen on the US Nissan Sedans. It is expected that the Versa Sedan may reflect these changes soon. It looks like the fascia and grille may change as well, but as the picture quality is poor, it is hard to make out anything else.


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